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United Federations of Gipanq

About Us

United Federations of Gipanq is the first cyber kingdom in far east in the history of the universe.
Gipanq is the European and American nation in the Far East which is one of the countries of
Kingdom EXPO in the Pacific region of the Intellectual Kingdom.

Our heads of state are the King and the President. We have central organization and 16 federations. Each federation consists of a or several prefectures. A federation is centered on a christian castle. And We must contemplate with the great know-how which is cultivated in order to put the operation constructively into use for profit on a stable proper course. Because Gipanq needs to establish world lead position with competitive power and also this is to stop the fraudulent politics revealed by the right to know and bring the sky into the hands of the sovereign people.

Astonishing Formation

The Gipanq people will have these images. If these can be imagined, the cyber nation is established.

Federation Units

Introducing the castle in Western style and fusing the centered castle culture with Western style to
revive the long existed Japanese culture serve us as a watcher over the self-defense of the region.

Conducted Portfolio


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Information Disclosure

Announcements are as follows.

Gipanq Governor
Kijiva Krima

16/08/22: Gipanq will back up Nihon Kingdom warmly.

15/02/22: For the Gipanq's security, President Ishida prohibited Takagi sisters to enter Gipanq.

25/12/21: For the Gipanq's security, President Ishida prohibited Japanese Star and Geino-kai to enter Gipanq.

24/12/21: For the Gipanq's security, President Ishida prohibited fake-Christian to enter Gipanq.

01/06/21: For the Gipanq's security, President Ishida prohibited persons concerned of Olympic Games to enter Gipanq.

18/03/21: For the Gipanq's security, President Ishida prohibited criminal Kumakura, criminal Saitou and criminal Sekine to enter Gipanq.

16/02/21: Gipanq HP was presented to the public.

31/10/20: Gipanq attended the Great Ball which was held by Intellectual Kingdom.

28/09/20: Gipanq's guideline as of september 2020 was informed.

28/09/20: Kingdom EXPO's guideline as of spring-summer 2019 was informed.